Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brandon has arrived!

Our son Brandon decided to come 9 days early!  I totally wasn't expecting that.  I had asked my doctor what the likelihood of me delivering late was and he said that 80% of first time moms deliver past their due date.  Since I figured I'd be like most first time moms, I was super surprised when my water broke the evening of Aug 11.

We were home from church for about an hour and thirty minutes.  I was sitting on the couch surfing the internet and decided to get up (I don't remember why).  Then it happened!  I thought, "what the..!?" and ran to the bathroom.  Sure enough my water broke!  Thank goodness just about 3 days earlier we packed our hospital bag!

So we headed to the hospital and got there around 5 PM.  The nurse did some tests, found that my water did break, and admitted me at around 6:30 PM.  I ended up getting pitocin since my contractions weren't getting all that strong by themselves.  At around 2 AM, I got the epidural because not only did I have regular contraction pain but I had back labor pains as well.  There was NO way I was going to do natural childbirth with pain like that (I hadn't planned on it anyway)!  I labored for a few more hours and at around 7:30 I started pushing!  It was NOT fun because the pressure was so intense the epidural didn't seem to help at all.  But almost an hour later, the best thing ever happened!  Brandon made his debut!  He weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

It was such a great feeling to know that he finally arrived!  Both Greg and I choked up (well, I flat out cried lol).  He's such a beautiful baby boy!

Greg and I are so blessed to have Brandon!  We love him so much, and already we are experiencing the joys of parenthood (as well as the not so fun bits, but who doesn't haha).

Here are more pictures of our little guy!  Can you figure out who he resembles most?  We can't tell!

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