Friday, May 24, 2013

Where we are living now

Looking back on the posts I've made, I completely forgot to mention where Greg and I are living now!

We've been living in Provo, UT since June 2012 because Greg got accepted to BYU's Physics Masters program.  He's been doing really well :)  We currently have a 2 bedroom apartment in BYU's married student housing, Wymount Terrace.  When we first moved here, it was kind of weird.  I didn't think we'd end up back in Provo to live for a while!  But, it's really nice to move somewhere and already know how to get around, like what grocery store to go to, what things there are to do, and stuff like that.

Not only were we so excited that Greg got accepted to grad school but that we were moving closer to my younger sister Meaghan, who's working on her bachelors at BYU.  It's been absolutely fabulous living near her and being able to hang out often!  She lives just down the street, which makes it super easy to get together.

Greg now has about a year left to go and during the next year he'll be taking additional teaching classes to go towards a teaching credential (Greg wants to teach physics at high school or community college level).  I know he'll be a great teacher and he's working really hard to get there.

As for me, I currently have two part-time jobs.  One is working for Nu Skin as a Product Assembler in their distribution center and the other is bookkeeping/accounting for my dad's two companies.  The latter I do from home, which is super nice since we have a baby on the way and I can continue to do that after the baby's born.

There!  Now I've given a little general update about where we're living ;)  

13 more weeks!

So in case you don't know, Greg and I are expecting our first and I'm due August 21!  I'm currently 27 weeks along (only 13 more to go! yikes!).

We found out a week before Christmas.  We couldn't wait to tell our families especially since a holiday was coming up, and we were going to spend Christmas with Greg's family.  This is their first grandchild!  So we told everyone when I was only 6 weeks along!  Super early I know...we were just so excited and couldn't hold it in!  

So far, pregnancy for me hasn't been that bad.  During my first trimester, I had some nausea but never actually vomited because of it and it didn't last all that long.  I think I'm one of those super lucky women because I've heard stories of how other women had nausea for almost half their pregnancy or longer!

My second trimester has been great!  I've got to feel our little guy move (yes, it's a boy!) and Greg has been able to feel him move also!  Our little boy is funny especially when it comes to letting his daddy feel him move.  Almost every time I tell Greg "Hey wanna feel him move?"  Greg would excitedly put his hand on my belly and the baby would stop moving!  Silly little guy.  I haven't taken any belly shots yet because I don't think I look pregnant!  I know and Greg knows I'm showing but I think I look like I just gained a bunch of weight and that's it :(  I'll take one today, post it, and see what you think.

Here's a picture of our boy at 21 weeks.  He's a cutie :)

We are so excited for our son to come, but at the same time it's kind of scary!  Being responsible for something so precious and completely dependent makes me nervous even though I've babysat plenty of babies and toddlers.  I guess the fact that this one is actually mine to take care of makes me feel that way.  But I know Greg and I won't be horrible parents and that we'll have plenty of support from our families and friends to help us out when we need it!  

We can't wait to see who he looks like, if he will have red hair or not, what color his eyes are, what kind of personality he'll have, and everything else that comes with such a bundle of joy!  

What's his name you ask?  Right now, it's Brandon James.  (Flows pretty well don't ya think?)

Baby Brandon, we love you and are looking forward to getting to know you!

His little foot!